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of immigrants in the u.s. isn't anything new. but since the mi the mid 90s, after the oklahoma city bombings in 1995, congress passed laws expanding the grounds for the detention and deportation of noncitizens. for national security reasons and set up a registry for those from predominantl predominantlym countries. in 2003, the bush administration created ice, under the newly formed department of homeland security, its ten year goal was to deport every single deportable noncitizen in the country. two years later the bush administration expanded the detention of criminal prosecution of undocumented people crossing the border. >> undocumented individuals to enter our country represents an obvious homeland security act. >>> in 2006, congress passed the secure detention act, ice also promoted programs like secured communities and the criminal alien program that flagged potentially deportable immigrants. secure communities has expanded leading to a sharp rise in detentions and deportations. >> the highest number of roofnlingremovals in our histor. >> it has been another record breaking year in im
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1